Stranahan's Whiskey reviewI’m not a whiskey snob, but I know what I like: bourbon, rye, and the occasional glass of Islay scotch. I tend to keep my purchases under $40, which probably precludes having a “serious” whiskey collection, but you might be surprised at the variety and quality you can find at that price point. With that said, I like Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey enough to drop $50 on a bottle, which is good, because that’s about how much it costs ($45-60, depending on the store). It is seriously, truly excellent stuff: a real pleasure┬áto drink, with a wonderful burnt caramel aroma, a smooth, spicy middle and a sweet, slight tobacco finish, all of which combine to help this whiskey stand out in a crowd. Beyond those flavor notes I’d be making things up, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Stranahan’s is made in small batches in Denver, and every bottle features a tin cup (presumably for drinking in the field; I stick to glass at home) and a short note from the bottler regarding what they were doing at the time, e.g., “Listening to Hendrix,” “Contemplating the Universe,” “Reading Frederic Bastiat” (he’s an economist; I looked it up). Visiting the distillery is high on my list.