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Yacht Disco - an insane summer mix

Yacht Disco – an insane summer mix

I have to give this guy/these guys credit. When July comes around, stop by my house, and I will be hosting a cocktail party. This will be playing in the background, and I will be wearing a Hawaiian shirt and some white denim.  
Mason Ho's Dream Wave

Mason Ho’s Dream Wave

If you’ve ever seen the “pitted dude” video and thought a real person couldn’t possibly get more Spicoli, well, prepare to admit you were wrong. Take a moment to bask in the radiance of Mason Ho’s rapturous dream state as he describes his perfect wave, including the EXACT length of board he would ride and...
The Best Ski Town Bars

The Best Ski Town Bars asked me to dive into their recent online poll and pull out the best dive bars in ski towns across America. Being a dive bar aficionado, I of course complied with gusto. Apparently the fact that we left out Montana was a sore subject, albeit only with Montanans. If you find yourself in any...
Moment Skis 2014/2015 Catalog

Moment Skis 2014/2015 Catalog

Another year, another month of abuse. While it always seems being chained to a desk in the Nevada-based Moment Skis dungeon is a brutal punishment at the time, the results are never less than awesome. Much credit in this endeavor goes to the incredible (and incredibly patient) graphic designer extraordinaire Max Louis Miller, and of...