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How To: Choose The Right Ski Touring Pack

How To: Choose The Right Ski Touring Pack

Another ‘How To:’ article of mine has surfaced on the Explore blog. This one involves a basic guide to selecting winter packs. Hope you enjoy it! “Any touring pack worth a damn will have a separate compartment or compartments designed to stow your shovel and probe away from your other gear, one that can...
Thunderheist - Jerk It

Thunderheist – Jerk It

I almost forgot this video existed until I saw it in my YouTube favorites list. If you’ve never seen it, prepare yourself. Full screen HD recommended.
Coffee Mugs: America's Renewable Resource

Coffee Mugs: America’s Renewable Resource

The quest for the perfect coffee mug is a lifelong one. Ideally it should meet the following criteria: 1. Free – as in, $0. Coffee mugs are truly abundant; someone who thinks otherwise should drop by any garage sale or donation center to witness the porcelain ziggurats erected in the name of java. There are,...