MontanaBoy, am I a sucker for the opportunity to write sarcastic link-bait on This week we go after Montana, and some tongue-in-cheek reasons why you might not want to travel there. Now, you might think that the title and source alone would ring satirical alarm bells in the average bipedal, semi-literate mammal, but some of the comments on Facebook and below the article on the site are just mind-blowing. Clearly, there are people out there who take things at face value no matter how ridiculous they get. To wit: I received a sad email from a guy in California who had wished to visit Montana for his entire life, but might not go now because of my tips. Wow. Keep your head up, guy.

“Sure, the guidebooks say it’s the home of world-class fly fishing, the nation’s most scenic park, and more elk, pronghorn antelope, and bald eagles than you can possibly eat … but when we left Montana bars off our list of top mountain-town drinking establishments, we were shocked to learn from our neighbors up north that, despite rumors to the contrary, there are some serious downsides to what we thought was basically a state-sized version of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.” 


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