Welikesmall, a digital agency located in downtown Salt Lake City, brought me in for some last-minute editing of an important proposal. Post-emergency, they asked if I could help out with a few articles they needed written. I was more than happy to help; they’re cool folks.

For this article, I discussed with Corey Hankey the concept and process of building a homebrew multi-camera array, which created effects similar to the rotoscoping seen in The Matrix movie trilogy. The idea that these guys could not only pull this off, but had the balls to suggest to a client that they could pull this off, without major funding or a firm knowledge of movie effects, is incredible. Read on.

Multi camera array Welikesmall

“When you boil it down, it’s pretty straightforward; you just need an arc to mount the cameras and a way to set them off all at the same time.

“Most of the people on the team didn’t have much experience with engineering and fabrication, but we were able to work together and solve all the problems that came up. Just because something doesn’t go as planned the first time, there’s no reason to think you won’t figure it out.” -Corey Hankey | Producer, Welikesmall

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