Trew Gear 2014Just wrapped up another great session with the radical Hood River-based outerwear company, TREW. They are nothing if not consistent, blowing my mind every year with the best-looking, best-performing ski and snowboard apparel in the industry. The entire line has been revamped for the coming season, and they just introduced a jacket, bib, and fleece selection for women that looks killer and fits really well. Other newness includes PrimaLoft, Polartec Power Shield, and Polartec Power Stretch layering pieces, plus a proprietary waterproof/breathable hardshell fabric called Private Reserve that’s tough as nails yet both lighter and softer than anything they’ve used before. They’re also the first company I have seen to use a printed waterproof zipper, and now that they’ve branched into women’s outerwear and layering, a lot of other manufacturers are going to have to step up their innovation to match what these guys are putting out. Check out the site here:, and support them with a purchase. Not a lot of small companies out there like this anymore, putting serious passion into everything they produce.Trewth statement



Trew hardshells 2014