This has to be one of the best yacht-rock wonders of the 70’s, in my unprofessional opinion. It has everything: a lead vocal in a higher range than most men could ever reach, a funk/disco breakdown, and a story about a misguided woman. Not to mention that Ozark Mountain Daredevils is a pretty sweet name for a band, if a little incongruous with the actual music these guys hit the charts with.  Take a look at the OMD on the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test. I’m not a guitar player, but even I am jealous of that Gibson SG with the custom pinstripes and machine-turned pickups. If I could pick up an axe and a slide and kill it like that, well…who knows what would fall from the sky.



…and the studio version. I swear Phil Collins pulled the backbeat for “Missed Again” out of this track.