A Beater BeateringBackcountry.com just posted an article I wrote back in November, before there was any snow on the ground at all. In it, I provide a few tips on how to go skiing without looking or acting like an utter fool. By no means is it an exhaustive list, but by all means, it is tongue-in-cheek. Comments on Facebook ranged from “absolutely spot-on advice!” to “elitist garbage!” and I totally agree on both points. Skiing is pretty damn elitist. In fact, every damn leisure activity in this world has something elitist about it, and nowhere does that become more apparent than on the Internet. Someone has to point it out and put it on a pedestal; in this case, that someone is yours truly. If you’re a long-time skier, you might find this funny. You also might hate it. Personally, I hope for the former, but I don’t care if it’s the latter. If you think it’s serious, you’re missing the point, beater.


Enjoy: The Dos & Don’ts of Skiing on Backcountry.com